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download free password safeguard download free password safeguard

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Whenever we face any threat to our assets we have number of precautionary methods to secure them. Nowdays Computer is kind of asset and sometimes more important than any other physical asset but we don’t have any assured method to make them safe. By keeping in Mind these difficulties of user Development team of Akick Software Inc. comes up with a full proof result Akick Best password safeguard. This software from akick will keep all your personal and professional data safe and secure from any unauthorized acess.

What features should you look in an akick password safe guard?

  1. Store multiple passwords in a database
  2. Facility for automatic recovery of password
  3. Maintain password privacy
  4. 100% safe from recent viruses
  5. Installation is quite simple
  6. Automatic password saver for future use
  7. User friendly software tool
  8. Compatible with all operating system

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